Figure Sculptures

When considering the small scale figure sculptures created for this project, the issue of the whether or not and how to display the sculptures is one I’ve been pondering for some time now. I have certainly seen the figure sculptures as a means to an end. I see them more as vehicles towards the final products, which at this point have been the ink drawings, prints, and paintings.

A colleague of mine who visited my studio a month ago brought up an interesting idea; from her point of view, she questioned whether showing the sculptures in conjunction with the other work would remove the mystique and ambiguity of the resource material. That perhaps the paintings and prints, displayed without the sculptures would have a stronger impact because their visual origins were mysterious and unknown.

The other option that I have considered is displaying the sculptures, but not showing the photographs that I work from to make the paintings and prints. At this point, this is the option that I am leaning towards because I do think that the sculpture is a significant part of this project. If the sculptures were displayed without the dramatic lighting situations I use to create the reference photographs, perhaps they would stay one generation removed from the prints and paintings and reveal just enough to stay engaging as a representation of the artistic process. Other aspects which would need to be considered would be the bases, whether I want to explore patinations for the figures or to leave them white so that they read more as models rather than as pieces of sculpture.

Although I do not have a pressing reason to resolve these issues at this moment in time, I do think they will become important issues when I exhibit the body of work together. I am also well aware that these are issues which cannot be left as last minute decisions, as I think the presence of the sculptures in an exhibition would greatly affect the effectiveness of the paintings and prints.

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