Black Backgrounds, White Backgrounds

I’ve been noticing the use of black and white in my recent work. I noticed that in the digging series, the majority of pieces relied on large, encompassing fields of black to create the compositions whereas the ink drawings and the intaglio prints from the waiting series explore the stark white background. I knew when I got started with the waiting project that it would be a vastly different project, and for that reason it would offer all sorts of new challenges both visually and conceptually. One of the biggest differences is that that digging is an extremely active and physical act whereas the physical act of waiting is just about as still and deprived of movement as you can possibly get. I think in general I tend to respond more to the fields of black because it fits my taste more, which is why I am glad that I am presenting myself this challenge of working with the emptiness of the white. I suppose another reason for the white in the waiting series is to stay away from defining a particular landscape, so that the landscape in many ways becomes defined by the presence of the figures and their elongated cast shadows in the works.
Range XIV

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