Framing Prints

I picked up several prints I had framed for an exhibition I have coming up in June at Francesca Anderson Fine Art, a gallery in Lexington, MA. Francesca Anderson saw my prints at the Boston Printmakers show that we had recently at the Danforth Museum of Art and invited me to participate in another Boston Printmakers show at her gallery. It’s odd to me that I don’t really consider myself to be a truly authentic printmaker, and yet most of the exhibitions I’ve participated in have been in printmaking.

I’m always surprised at the transformation that the work goes through after being properly matted and framed. Usually when I look at my work, it’s within the studio context and the work tends to look raw and unfinished. There’s something about the formality of the frame and the image being pressed behind glass which can be so satisfying. In this case, it was five intaglio prints that I had done. I feel lucky that I happened to find a terrific framer who I work with regularly now. He often times chooses frames that I would never think to choose myself, and yet somehow they seem to fit perfectly with the artwork. I was particularly pleased with the pieces I picked up today. Somehow my framer managed to select frames that not only matched the sepia tone of the prints, but the frames have a slight speckle to them which looks almost exactly like the texture of the spray paint which I use to create the aquatint effect in the prints. Not only that, but the frame is distinctive if you want to take the time to appreciate it, and yet it simultaneously supports the artwork so that it is never overbearing or too obvious.

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