Intaglio Plates: Final Etching Processes

This morning was spent finishing up all of the acid work for the final intaglio prints. I think that I’m getting better at working out a system for doing the acid work as efficiently as possible. I managed to etch 3 plates simultaneously and everything went relatively smoothly. The main reason why this was a smoother process was probably because I had prepared my acid charts and times in advance of going to the printshop. In the past, I tried to make the acid charts and do all of the etching at one time, which I think was too much to handle all at once. This time around, I was able to focus exclusively on the precision of the acid work rather than having to think too much about what kind of visual effects I was trying to achieve in the tonal work.

After completing the acid work, I quickly printed one proof of each plate, so about 5 prints total for today. The next step will be to set aside enough time to make adjustments in the plates, and then finally to prepare them to be editioned. I have a studio visit scheduled with two museum curators in August, which is proving to be highly effective in terms of motivating me to complete as much work as possible before then. My plan is to edition all of these intaglio prints and finish them off- and then focus exclusively on painting for some time.

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