Intaglio Prints

I went to the Danforth Museum today to pick up my work for the exhibition. I was able to speak to the director briefly regarding her decisions in selecting the exhibition works. It was exciting to hear that she was particularly interested in the intaglio prints, the most recent pieces that I had completed. The intaglio prints are so recent that it’s difficult for me to have an objective point of view on them, and I feel like I’ve been questioning myself for the past few months about whether they were too simple or whether they were achieving the effects I was looking for. She’s still deciding about whether to include the large scale digging installation.

I also have to take some time and rework my artist statement for the exhibition. I have an artist statement already written from before, but I know that since working on my recent pieces in the waiting series that my perspective on my work has changed tremendously. I always dread writing artist statements, it’s inherently difficult to put into words a process that is visual and physical. On the other hand, writing artist statements have also given me the opportunity to really sort through concretely important themes in my work.

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