Reference Photography: Walden Pond

I went to Walden Pond today to shoot more photographs of people in the water. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that warm today and so there were very few people in the water. There were still enough people that I managed to get several photographs. The photographs I got today from Walden Pond are quite different than the images I had taken at the beach in Maine. The most noticeable visual difference was in the water; the beach in Maine was not able to capture the reflections in the water as dramatically as the reflections in the pond. On the other hand, there was a vast sense of space and depth in the beach images that was not present in the pond for obvious reasons.

I am quite anxious to get to work on the water series; I’m already thinking in my head everyday what I want to do with the images and what techniques I want to involve in the project. It will be great to clear my head for a little while and just sketch without the pressure of creating finished pieces. As much as I love working on the final pieces, there’s a liberty to the sketching and preliminary phases of a project that is always so exciting to be a part of.
Reference Image-Walden Pond


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