Exhibition Announcements

I have 2 more weeks before I install both exhibitions. The exhibition postcards should be arriving tomorrow, and I’ll start mailing them out as soon as they come. The mailings and all of the publicity is quite time consuming, but from my point of view there’s no sense in having the exhibitions unless I’m going to go all the way in terms of getting the work out there.

I’ve already picked up the majority of the prints for the Danforth exhibition from my framer. There are still 3 more very large prints that I will have to pick up with a cargo van; they were simply too large and fragile to risk putting into my car. The plan is to pick up these final 3 pieces from the frameshop and directly deliver all of the work to both locations and install the Walnut Hill show the same day. Luckily, both venues are within 10 minutes of each other so this is actually quite feasible.

I still have 3 more sculpture compositions to assemble for the exhibitions. The figures are already cast, so it’s just a matter of preparing the wooden bases and using epoxy to glue the figures to the bases. I will most likely have the Danforth choose the sculpture they want for the show and the rest will be shown at the Walnut Hill Show.

The rest of my time has been devoted to documentation; shooting slides, digital images, and getting all of my materials out. I’ll start focusing on this more heavily as soon as both exhibitions are up and going.
Waiting Composition 2b

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