Acrylic Paint Sketches

Today I knew I wanted to start out with dry black acrylic on paper. Towards the end of the Waiting Series when I was working on those large scale oil paintings, I was getting excited about some of the dry brushwork I was doing and was looking forward to carrying over that experience into this new work. The topic being so visually different also allowed me to feel like I was working in familiar territory but also not rehashing old routines at the same time.

I started working on 18 x 24 newsprint. Initially I wanted to start on watercolor paper, but I decided against that choice because I knew that if I worked on the good quality paper first that I would probably be more hesitant and would be less likely to experiment and loosen up. I kept the sketches relatively short and gestural, each sketch took under 20 minutes. I was using the photos that I had shot this summer and manipulated in Photoshop as reference, and I was glad then I sat down to paint that I had already spent so much time working on them. This gave me the opportunity to get right to work without hesitating about my reference material. At first I started painting random figures all over the page, but as I got warmed up it seemed to make more sense to keep 1 figure per page for now until I figure out exactly how to proceed. Eventually I know that I want to end up with larger, multi-figure compositions.

By the end of the afternoon I had switched to watercolor paper which worked out fine. It’s too early in my process for me to be making any judgments about the work, but already I’m excited about the small amount of progress I’ve made. The work already has a completely different quality and tone than the Waiting Series, and I can’t wait to see what it turns into.

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