Rice Paper: Format Options

I was sitting in orchestra rehearsal this afternoon thinking about the many options I have for presenting drawings on rice paper. While within each category there are multiple variations in terms of exactly what kind of papers I use, it seems to me that there are basically 3 forms of presentation that I’m interested in pursuing. The first would be using chincolle, a technique used often in printmaking to mount the rice paper to the a backing paper, such as a heavy printmaking paper like Rives BFK. This format to me seems quite traditional as the end result would be function very much like a print, ultimately involving a matt and frame. This technique would be highly practical, as chincolle is a process I’m comfortable and familiar with through my experience in printmaking. The major considerations here would be the relationship between the rice paper and the backing sheet.

The second approach would be to use the scroll format seen in Chinese Calligraphy, although with a few modifications. The majority of Chinese scrolls I’ve seen in the past rely on a composition which is much more vertical. I know from doing these drawings that I’m definitely not in the running to be making tall compositions, so the shape would certainly be different. This format is also completely unfamiliar to me, so I would definitely have to learn from someone who knows how to do it properly.

The third approach would be to find some way to mount the rice paper onto watercolor paper stretched onto canvas stretchers. I have to say out of these three possibilities this one strikes me as potentially the most bland and perhaps too overbearing for the fragility of the paper. I worry that the subtlety of the rice paper would lose itself in the large canvas frame. I’m still keeping it in the picture only so that I don’t cut out all of my possibilities.

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