Antony Gormley, Kara Walker, and Julie Mehretu

I’ve always had a bulletin board where I post images that are somehow related to the work that I’m doing. I completely cleared the entire bulletin board and have been slowly posting images as I’ve developed the work and found new resources for inspiration. I think in a lot of ways doing this as I create the work has made the images on the board much more pertinent to what I’m trying to achieve in the work.

The result is that the board has been able to actively participate in the process much more than when the board was full of images before I even made any work. So far I have an Antony Gormley installation of life size iron figures installed at a beach, an image by Kara Walker, Chinese calligraphy, and a painting by Julie Mehretu. I think all the images have contributed tremendously to my ability to narrowing in on how I want to the work to look.

“Another Place”, by Antony Gormley

“Camptown Ladies” by Kara Walker

“Congress” by Julie Mehretu

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