Music in the Artist Studio

Today has already proved to be quite fragmented and scattered. This is largely due to various appointments and tasks that I’ve had to take care of. I did, however, manage to get a few watercolor paper sketches. I’ve discovered the method which makes the most sense technically and in terms of the development of the work is to brush in the straight black ink first, and then embellish those marks with grey tones of ink wash. I wasn’t able to get to the grey tones today, but I did complete several larger sketches which are 18″ x 24″. This will make it easier for me to jump back into the work next time I get into the studio because the drawings have already been started.

I always have little tricks to get myself moving in the studio, and leaving things unfinished for next time is definitely one of them. I haven’t been able to do that as much recently, simply because I’m in the beginning stages of the project and haven’t started any major, long terms works yet. The majority of work so far has been small, short term sketches which don’t need to be continued beyond a single work day.

Another trick that works on me is to obsessively listen to the exact same music every single time I’m in the studio. For now, I’ve been listening to Norah Jones who I just discovered a few months ago. You would think that this would get really old after about a month and a half of the same artist, but surprisingly, I’ve yet to tire of this routine. I think for me it has less to do with the music itself, but rather that I’ve created this routine for myself where I now associate Norah Jones with studio work time. Hearing specific music puts me in the right frame of mind to work which is really important, more important than my own enjoyment of what I’m listening to. I’ve also noticed that the majority of the time I’m in the studio I’m not even listening to the music anyway, and that listening to a wide variety of sounds can actually become more of a distraction.

The beginning of an ink drawing: black ink only

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