Ink Drawings: Active Gestures and Water

I’ve largely been concentrating on producing work, rather than on submitting and sending materials out.
I feel like its way too early for me to be submitting works from the Wading Series because I think it hasn’t had time to fully mature yet. I haven’t yet had enough distance from the work to see it objectively and accurately evaluate it.

At the same time, I know how important it is that I’m constantly putting my work out there not only to maintain my profile but also so people know that I’m actively making work on a regular basis. The juror for this exhibition is also a curator who visited my studio last August, so I see it as another opportunity for them to see my work.

On another topic, this idea of a more active approach to the Wading Series has been stewing in my head for a few days now. I like the more active images that I did this week not only because of the visual effects that its opening up, but also because it seems to be making the project overall more diverse in terms of approach and emotional tone. One of the dangers of working in a series is there’s always the risk that the works you’re making are too similar to each other and appear to be simply repetitions of each other. At the same time, if the images are too scattered, the continuity of the series gets disrupted and the images will fail to have a strong relationship. It’s a very fine line that you have to walk between these two pitfalls.

I want to keep doing more ink drawings with the more active water, but one aspect that someone pointed out to me was that the gestures and action of the figures seem too tranquil to be stimulating that kind of action and motion in the water. I think I need to activate the figures significantly, so that the movement of the water matches the movement of the figures more appropriately.

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