Jessica Straus: Widgets at Clark Gallery

This weekend my schedule is packed with orchestra rehearsals and concerts, so that leaves very little time for me to get in any artwork at all. I’ve learned from past experience that when I have an orchestra concert weekend that I need to focus on music exclusively and not try to get other things done because I just end up too exhausted to be effective at the concerts. I did however manage to make some time this afternoon to get out to my friend Jessica Straus‘ opening reception at the Clark Gallery in Lincoln. I’ve known about this gallery for a while, but it was my first time actually visiting the space in person.

The turnout for the reception was lively and strong, and I got the chance to see several of my colleagues from Concord Academy which is always fun.

A selection of Jessica’s sculptures created from found objects. She also hand carves certain parts of the pieces and paints them as well. I always love seeing her work, I like how the work has this subtle sense of quirky humor that is always engaging. At the same time, the technique and execution is absolutely flawless, allowing you to focus all of your attention on the objects themselves.

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