Framing and Works on Paper Possibilities

I went to see my framer today to have those two ink drawings framed for the upcoming juried exhibition at the Danforth Museum. We chose a really interesting frame that I think perfectly compliments the visual effects of the ink drawings. The frame is very subtle in that it appears to be black, but when seen up close there are slight variations that make it more like a dark grey. This seemed to work very well with the minor variations of grey that are present in the ink drawings.

We also discussed possibilities in terms of choosing materials for when I start working on a larger scale. I’ve been seeing the ink drawings I’ve been making since January as studies for large pieces that I eventually want to create. The idea right now is to punch out as many studies as possible, and then select a few that I think would work on a large scale.¬† I haven’t even taken the time to sort through the drawings and select the good ones yet; they’re all sitting in a giant pile on the floor of my studio, face down so I can reserve my judgment when I’ve had more time away from the work itself.

Working on paper and on a large scale is never a simple thing, and I’m glad we took some time to discuss various options because I would hate to make the work and then find out that it’s a logistical nightmare to frame or present in a gallery setting. My problem is that I have this sustained love affair with paper, and have difficulty finding reasons to use other surfaces because I love the tactility and surface of paper so much.


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