Ink Drawings: “Less is More”

I decided try out the “less is more” approach on the ink drawings in the studio. In the middle of drawing , I almost forgot what my new priority was and I ended up repeating techniques that I’ve used before. I suppose this is always a necessary phase that one has to go through any time you make a major change in your approach. I’ve been warming up before every studio session by making marks on sheets of newsprint, but there’s always more than can be done to get yourself into the right mindset to achieve your goals.

Study 3

With this approach, it’s a do-or-die type of situation, which I find very nerve wracking. I found that the slower I moved the brush, the more I lingered on the surface of the paper, the stiffer and more stale a brush stroke would appear. For this reason, the majority of drawings I completed today took no longer than ten minutes each. Of course the trade off is that out of 10 drawings, probably only 1 or 2 tops is actually worth looking at.

Study 2

I had to come to accept that the rate of failure had become much higher in this process, which is probably why I was starting to feel nervous during the process.

Study 1

I immediately placed all of the drawings face down the second they were fully dry, because I really need to be sure to get considerable distance before I evaluate what I did in the studio today. I definitely want to devote at least a few more studio sessions to this approach, and then step back and decide whether I want to continue this approach or try something else. I do think today marked an important turning point in terms of experimentation within this project.

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