Monotype Possibilities

Realistically speaking, it will probably be a while until I have the opportunity to get some serious time into the studio. Both of the schools I teach at are in full swing, and the next significant period of work time that I see coming up isn’t until the beginning of January. Even so, I still think it’s important that I keep my thought process going in the Wading project, even if I’m not able to keep up the production end of the project.

A few weeks ago I had a thought to give this specific monotype technique that I’ve tried in the past another try in this project. The technique basically involves applying water based printing ink as if it were a watercolor painting, and then allowing the water and ink to dry completely overnight. The result is that when the plexiglass sheet is that the ink moves across the surface on its own while wet, and then solidifies into a wide range of textures and patterns when fully dry. The look of it can be similar to tusche in lithography. I did a few experiments with this technique back in the Waiting Series, but the look of the technique wasn’t quite appropriate for the visual effects I was trying to achieve in that series of works, so I abandoned it, knowing that I would try it again later when I had imagery that was more suited for its uses.

With water playing such a large role in the imagery in this series of works, it seemed like this monotype technique was perfectly conducive to the kinds of visual effects I was looking for. The imaged posted here was definitely just an experiment for me to figure out what kinds of marks are possible, and I largely ignored all compositional concerns to figure out how to use the technique. I certainly have a long way to go as far as developing more control over this technique and in terms of how I want to apply it to this series of works.


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