Wading: Sculptural Possibilities

I had a few fleeting ideas for ways to introduce a sculpture component into this project.  In the Waiting Series, I created sculptures as reference points for the two-dimensional work, and I suppose I expected the same relationship to happen in this project. Now I’m starting to think the opposite is what needs to happen; making sculptures that begin with the prints and drawings.

Initially, I wasn’t thinking that sculpture would even be considered in this project. With the water component, sculpture didn’t seem conducive for the subject matter.  I kept conceptualizing that the sculpture would have to be about the figures, and I didn’t even consider that the sculpture could potentially be more about the water.

Looking at the monotypes and drawings I’ve been working on, I’m thinking that the sculptures might be made out of some kind of string-like material to as a way to represent the marks of the ripples in the water. I would definitely want the figures and the ripples were made of the same material. I have to research what materials will be appropriate, but I’m essentially seeing a large room full of figures, all connected by the “ripples”.

Oddly enough, the material right now that comes closest to the effects I’m envisioning is hot, melted sugar which does all sorts of strange things when you stretch it and thin it out. It’s definitely not a viable option because I need something durable and archival, but if I can find something with that kind of physical property that’s permanent, that’s the kind of quality I want. The other way to articulate it is basically a three-dimensional version of what I’m doing with the printmaking ink in the monotypes.

This ink drawing that I did several months ago is the closest image to where the sculpture might go:
Immersion VII

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