Monotype: 20 Prints

I printed the two plates discussed in the previous post last night. I completely surprised myself during the printing process and decided that I still have more prints of this format in me. I think yesterday while I was painting the plates I was getting frustrated with how fussy I had become with the figures, and wanted to move on more for that reason alone. I kept wiping out the figures so much that I felt like I couldn’t think straight and keep the gestures fluid. I will admit that I wasn’t that enthusiastic about printing these plates for this reason, which is why I was pleasantly surprised by the printing results. These two plates printed beautifully, and I ended up with some ghost prints that I think achieved some excellent transitions between grey tones.

Energized by the printing from last night, I painted another plate today, and will opt to do three more to bring me to a total of twenty prints for this series.

Submerge XV
One of the more interesting ghost prints from yesterday night.

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