15 minutes of Gesture Drawing

Exercises like these gesture drawings are really effective at keeping me on track. Even a period as short as 15 minutes of drawing a day is significant for maintaining my skills. This principle is actually quite similar to how I approach my oboe playing; I currently play regularly with the New Philharmonia Orchestra, but in recent years because I’ve been focused on my art career I’ve never been able to practice several hours a day like I used to when I was a student. As a reaction to this, I’ve kept a similar rule for practicing oboe: 15 minutes of practicing every day counts for something, and it’s always better than practicing once a week for one hour.

Baby Gesture 3

My daughter is a good crawler, but this week she’s been working on standing and pulling herself up. These new developments have made for some different types of gestures this time around. The crawling positions were starting to get a little repetitive in my drawings, so it was nice to have a change of pace in the gestures themselves.

Baby Gesture 4


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