Daily Gesture Drawings

I’m continuing with daily gesture drawings of my baby. I look at these drawings being about the experience and process of drawing, with the product being the least important goal. This lets me think more clearly about the drawing process itself.

I’m working to achieve more continuity and flow in my line quality. I do find that the lines with the most flexibility are the ones that come when the bamboo pen is starting to run out of ink. When the bamboo pen has just been dipped into the ink, I tend to tighten up more because I know how pronounced and severe the first marks out of the bamboo pen will be. In some the first drawings, the line quality is more fractured and detail oriented. I’m loosening up more every day, but I know I can do more.

Baby Gesture 6 Baby Gesture 7 Baby Gesture 8 Baby Gesture 5

Click on the thumbnails to view larger images.

My observational skills have had to make some adjustments. My baby moves very quickly; so quickly that by the time I’ve knocked in the major masses, (about 5-10 seconds) she’s already in a completely unrelated position. I like the excitement of a moving subject rather than a posed situation which can sometimes feel artificial. I’m learning to use my memory to fill in information for certain drawings.

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