Printmaking: Ink Quantities

I’m largely using the first print as a means of activating the ink on the plate rather than as a print that will be included in the final sequence. The second print is the one which has the most accuracy and which absorbs the darkest darks the most comprehensively.

I’m getting better at controlling the amount of ink that I put on the plexiglass. A few weeks ago, I was really laying the ink on very thick, probably because I was concerned about the ink printing dark enough. Recently I’ve been holding back on the ink amounts. The results have been very good: the plates have printed with a lot more accuracy, and I don’t have to print as many ghost prints to get to the final print of the sequence because there just isn’t that much ink on the plate to begin with.

Submerge XVIII
Submerge XVIII

In other news, I’m glad to say that my DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis has started to calm down. I had a cortisone shot in my right wrist, and it’s worked wonders since then.  I still have wear splints during the day and I still have to take precautions regarding what activities I limit myself to.

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