7 Monotypes

I printed the 19th monotype last night, and I was surprised to find that contrary to all of the other monotypes in this series, this plate was only capable of printing 7 prints total. I was startled by how quickly the plate went from printing deep blacks to having virtually no ink left on the plate to print. The final ghost print yielded practically nothing on the paper, making this print unusable in the final sequence of prints. With the other plates in this series, the progression from the first print to the last was generally quite gradual, and I generally had many consecutive ghost prints that were almost identical to each other. This plate barely printed enough to give me 6 prints in the sequence. I’m thinking this probably occurred because the ink was still quite wet when I printed, making the ink less tacky and easier to lift onto the paper when put through the press.

Submerge XIXa Submerge XIXe

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