An Experiment: Multiple Options in Drawing and Printmaking

Seeing that I have so many options and ideas floating in front of me, I decided to try an approach I haven’t done in the past: try smaller versions of all different media within one day in order to compare and contrast them to determine my next step. In the past, I’ve always for some reason been so sure about what the next media would be, but this time around that next move seemed so unclear. The only definitive idea I have is that whatever media I go with, I definitely want to move onto horizontal compositions to push myself towards a grander scale in the near future. Today I’ll try these options, and I’m thinking whichever one gets me the most excited about working will the next step. The option here that I’m the most curious about is the charcoal drawing, which I haven’t actively worked with since college, but which I’ve been thinking about since seeing Bill Flynn’s War Drawings show this past weekend.

1. water based additive monotype
2. water based subtractive monotype
3. drypoint print
4. charcoal drawing
5. sumi ink drawing
6. crayon drawing

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