Emotional Tone: Loneliness & Solitude

I’ve been trying to zero in on the emotional tone of these drawings, and exactly what I want them to convey. Overall, my work addresses themes of isolation, and I thought it would be important to get a more detailed view of this theme. Over the past few days, I’ve been reading lots of psychology/counseling articles about isolation, which essentially breaks down into loneliness and solitude. They’re both hugely vast topics, which I can’t even begin to touch upon, but I can share some of the concepts which I think are the most applicable to these drawings.

The most important idea I came across is when loneliness occurs even when one is surrounded by others, perhaps the most concentrated form of loneliness. I’m really interested in this contradiction; that we can be with a mass of others and yet still feel isolated and disconnected. In fact, I’m convinced that the physical presence of others around us is exactly what makes one’s loneliness more pronounced and bitter. The other idea I found which for me stimulated a lot of visual possibilities is loneliness as an experience of feeling unseen and unknown. Immediately I started visualizing an enormous group of figures, with several “unseen” and “unknown” figures. While these are simple concepts, these ideas have become launching pads for where to take the group compositions. Previously, my image of the group compositions seemed rather stale and straightforward. These concepts have helped me rethink and reorganize these compositions. I’m now seeing them as hugely crowded group compositions (as opposed to scattered figures with a comfortable distance) with several figures as “unseen” and “unknown”. How I will go about articulating that visually has yet to be determined, but I’m already brimming with the possibilities.

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One thought on “Emotional Tone: Loneliness & Solitude

  1. I read your article several times and did a bit of research myself. With the word loneliness, unseen, unknown, i instantly thought of a group of people i used to supervise. One man was in his 50’s kinda chubby and didnt really fit in with the rest of the group, different by societies standards unusual in ways he did things and how he spoke with a soft voice yet little confidence. To which one day i had to dismiss him from his job. Now looking back, after reading what you have here i picture the man faceless, wearing colors of his surroundings, chameleon like so as not to be seen. In a group situation i see him clinging to the wall as he tries to pass by, unseen, unknown, ashamed of himself. How in the world did he go home that day and face his family with the news that he no longer has a job. With high hopes he came to work there, and now he’s shattered, cracked, alone… I’m not sure if this makes much sense, but after reading this it came to me as how i picture loneliness… Great thought, i hope your work turns out fantastic. I book marked your website, your creative mind is wonderful.. I will leave a link to my website if you would like to see my art work. Sincerely Andrew Snaza

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