Transition into Larger Drawings

I’m bringing these 18″ x 8″ Dura-Lar drawing to a close in anticipation of transitioning to a larger scale with multiple figure compositions. I worked on one final drawing of an immersed head to complete these drawings. I think something went awry with scale in this drawing; the head seems like it could be 50 feet tall.

Wander XV

I also completed another drawing which I had started a week ago.

Wander XII

The rest of the day was spent doing experiments with new materials. I purchased some .005 mil Dura-Lar last week (the above drawings are on .015 mil, significantly thicker) so I was eager to work a multiple figure composition on this surface. Additionally, I had some plexiglass scraps that I wanted to try out to see if it was a viable option for going onto a monumental scale. It was here than I ran into a host of technical problems with my materials: the .005 mil Dura-Lar was far too thin, so as a consequence, sanding that surface didn’t give me the necessary coarseness and texture. Although I knew I wouldn’t be using this material in the future, I threw together a very quick sketch just to play with layers more.

Layer Study/Test

The plexiglass sanded fine, but when I drew on it with crayon, the crayon wouldn’t adhere evenly to the surface, making for unpredictable and unflattering marks. The .015 mil Dura-Lar seems to produce the best results, but the issue is that you can’t purchase it on a big scale. The largest I’ve been able to find is 18″ x 24″. I’m considering patching together multiple sheets of it in layers as an option.

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