Figure Sculpture and Reference Photographs

I worked on a new figure sculpture today. This gesture is unusual in that it’s not a “classic” gesture that is found in wading figures. The feeling of imbalance in the feet and the twist of the torso gives it a euphemeral quality that I like.

Studio View

I’ve been trying to match up the crayon drawings with the reference photograph I used. This sounds easy to do, but there were a few drawings in which I really wasn’t able to pinpoint the reference photograph. I’m slightly annoyed that I can’t seem to pair the reference photograph with the drawing, but this is probably a good sign that I’m really processing the reference photographs.

Studio View


2 thoughts on “Figure Sculpture and Reference Photographs

  1. Love the drawings! I’ve been taking a lot of beach reference photos and it’s very interesting to see how differently someone tackles a similar starting point.

  2. I’ve always thought that the beach in particular is a place that has incredible potential for both visual and thematic possibilities which can range from sublime beauty to dark and menacing. Just the idea alone of a place where ocean meets land is amazing when you really think about it.

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