Sculpture Armature: Structural Issues

I continued work on this figure sculpture, realizing the more I worked on it that the armature I had wasn’t strong enough to hold structurally. I made a few attempts to see if I could live with it, but it quickly became apparent that the gesture of the piece would lack stability. I removed both legs and doubled the armature inside. Every time I’ve done this it seems like some kind of barbaric surgery on the figure, since all of the clay has to be ripped off the legs.

Studio View

3 thoughts on “Sculpture Armature: Structural Issues

  1. Clara,
    I can’t tell for sure from the picture but how were you going to anchor the armatures that come out the bottom of the feet? One thing that I have found helpful is to loop a length of wire and place it around the outside of the feet and then attach each foot to the circle of wire. That way it is supported well so it will freely stand while you sculpt.

  2. Sorry to have stated the obvious … I made the comment before I had looked at your other pages under the sculpture category. There I saw that you were anchoring the armatures to a plywood base.

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