Drawings: Gallery Installation Test

In anticipation for an upcoming exhibition, I experimented with some gallery installation options. Initially I had conceived of these drawings as being suspended in the air so that they could be viewed from both sides. I also knew that I didn’t want to frame these drawings; the frame would create a boundary around the images which would take away from the idea of an infinite body of water.

I poked tiny holes in all four corners of the three layered drawings and put thin thread through them to hang from. However, the suspension of the drawing allowed for too much light to penetrate the layers of Dura-Lar, causing the crayon marks to lose their tonal range. I kept the format of thin thread to hang the drawing, but moved it against the wall, which returned the crayon marks to their intended state. This format allows for the opaque quality of the gallery wall to prevent light from penetrating the drawing.

Installation Test


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