Drawings from Drawings

I started the today intent on getting to work right away on the second drawing, but I had hesitations about the compositional sketches I had prepared and spent the morning revisiting them. For these compositional sketches, I’m assembling and re-sizing the figures in Photoshop, which I print out and draw on. This is a first for me in terms of using digital media in my sketch process, but it seems to help me visualize more accurately the final visual effects of the drawings.

Compositional Sketch

In the afternoon I was ready to start a second large drawing. What surprised me today in the process was that fact that the role of the sculptures I’ve been drawing from is shrinking more every day. When I did studies from the sculptures, I relied heavily on them to articulate a sense of form and light. Working on the large drawing today, I found myself referencing the drawing studies almost exclusively, even though the sculptures were right in front of me. In the past I haven’t worked this way because the process always felt like I was making a xerox of a xerox, with the second drawing losing integrity. I think the difference is not only my mindset, but also that I’ve developed a stronger capacity to draw without being chained to my reference materials.

Studio View

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