William Kentridge: Drawing and Animation

I had this wandering thought enter my head the other day about other ways to achieve both scale and translucency in these crayon drawings.The idea is a little crazy, which is exactly what makes me think I need to follow through at some point in the near future.

I started thinking about using projections to create layers of drawings somehow, and to use animation to create a work that is able to portray an infinite landscape of water with meandering figures. A few months ago I wrote this post about how creating an idea of how these figures would move was a huge asset to my understanding them in terms of drawing. For this reason, it seems natural to take drawing into animation as the next level.

I don’t envision this as a narrative animated film which has a beginning and end, rather a “moving” drawing that basically inhabits an entire gallery space. I’m generally someone who works with traditional media, and this is the first time that I’ve ever really considered getting involved with digital media. I’m actually surprised that it’s taken me this long to think about digital media; my husband works in 3D animation and so I’m constantly surrounded by this media.  I like to say that I know “nothing and everything” about animation.

An obvious reference for a project like this is William Kentridge, the prolific South African artist who makes breathtaking animated pieces by working through charcoal drawings. He’s definitely up there with Kathe Kollowitz and Alberto Giacometti as a top artistic influence in my work.

Felix in Exile, by William Kentridge

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