Richard Misrach: On the Beach

I was reading Smithsonian Magazine and came across this article about contemporary photographer Richard Misrach.  He’s been working on a project, “On the Beach” where he spent four years shooting photographs from a high-rise hotel in Hawaii.  The photographs are 6′ x 10′, and were shot on 8″ x 10″ negatives which allow for astounding resolution in the final pieces.

I found his work really interesting in that his work explores similar themes of isolation and figure groupings within the same context of figures wading in water. At the same time, the visual look of his works could not be more different than mine. The thematic similarities of his work combined with a completely different visual approach makes his work an excellent reference for me to look at.

There is a traveling exhibition of this series that started at the Art Institute of Chicago and was until recently at the National Gallery of Art.

Richard Misrach

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