Upcoming: Drawing, Sculpture, Monotypes, & Research

The school year has officially kicked into high gear: Wellesley College started classes last week and RISD classes start this Friday. Although I’m buried in course handouts and preparation right now, I’m all the while brainstorming in my head where to pick up the next time I’m in the studio. I see four major initatives coming up next in this project:

1. Continution of crayon drawings
I need to significantly increase the number of figures in each composition, and create  a much wider contrast in scale in order to create a grander sense of space.

2. Monotype experiments
I want to return to the reductive wipe away technique, and experiment with printing multiple ghost prints on a single print in order to simulate the layering and translucency of the crayon drawings. I’d also like to try drawing with water soluable Caran d’Ache crayons on plexiglass and see what kind of potential that might have.

3. 1-2 Sculptures
I may potentially be in a group sculpture show this fall, so I need to put together 1-2 sculptures for this. I already have the sculptures, but I need to think about how to push them further in terms of texture and surface.

4. Research
I need to take more initiative to understand my topic of isolation in greater depths. I’d like to do some research from a psychology perspective to understand the intricacies of this emotional state in greater detail.


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