Arrivals/Departure: 2nd Gallery Talk

We had the second series of gallery talks for the Arrivals/Departure exhibition at the Jewett Art Gallery at Wellesley College. My colleagues Andrew Mowbray, David Olsen, and Christine Rogers gave stimulating talks about their pieces in the exhibition. Before the talks started I was talking with someone about how important these talks are within the context of the academic community.  I know from my own experience that as a student, it’s easy to take for granted what is sometimes right in your backyard.  When I was a student, it was easy to isolate my professors in the classroom context.  Events like this allow us to see and experience a side of professors that is frequently not seen as easily in the classroom. Simultaneously, when you know the person who is speaking at the gallery talk, the experience becomes meaningful in a completely different way than if one were to attend a talk by someone they didn’t know.

Christine Rogers

Christine Rogers discusses her photographs which are based on a three week family road trip that she took by herself.

David Olsen

David Olsen discusses his enamel painting installations painted on cut plywood, inspired by childhood memories.

Andrew Mowbray

Andrew Mowbray discusses his “quilts” constructed from Tyvek home wrap.

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