Regaining Focus

I’m gradually reaching a point where I’ll be ready to resume my studio practice. My fall teaching schedule has heavier than usual; not because I have more class time, but because of many new ventures. Between my new position at Wellesley College and a new course in the Illustration Department at RISD, it’s taken me since the beginning of September to get a solid footing.

That said, I’m working to regain focus in this Wading Series project.  I’m also pleased to have the support of a recent faculty research award from Wellesley, which will be be a tremendous aid in propelling this project forward. The research award is making my head spin about possibilities which I hadn’t previously considered which is exciting and daunting at the same time.

I have a clear vision of what I want to accomplish, it’s the means and practical steps that I have to plan. Previously I had thought that getting into the crayon drawings again was the next step, but now I’m thinking that the sculpture references are in sore need of attention. I’m even contemplating working with life models again as a possible resource for the sculptures, a working method I haven’t used in many years.

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