Tall Compositional Sketches

Last week as I was drawing on the digital compositional sketches, it occurred to me that the drama and length of the reflected shadows in the water was getting shortchanged. As a reaction to this, I tried a sketch with a very tall rectangle, significantly extending the reflected shadows in the water. I immediately liked the results, as it gave better balance to the scale relationship between the reflections and figures and also looked back at the tall scroll formats I had been pondering over about a year ago but never quite found the right context to use in.

Ultimately, I always had at the back of my mind that these drawings were going to get significantly larger in scale. For some reason I had always envisioned them as being very wide horizontal rectangles, probably because that specific shape implies the sense of a horizon line and space. I’m now thinking that when I do move to the large scale, I want to complete these tall vertical compositions. I’d really like to see the drawings get as tall as eight or ten feet high if I can find Dura-Lar at that scale.

Tall Compositional Sketch


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