Compositional Sketches: Final Choices

Ultimately I’d like to spend much more time on creating many more compositional sketches, but the time frame I’m on for my upcoming exhibition necessitates that I make decisions about which will be the final three drawings now.

I spent the day tweaking and revising past sketches, and came up with the final three compositions. The other sketches will be on hold as departure points when I start creating large scale drawings in the near future, which is really good so that I don’t hav to entirely start from scratch when I return to them. These three drawings will be on the same wall together, so another consideration was how they look together as a group even though they’re separate pieces.

Compositional Sketches

Compositional sketches on my studio wall. Each sketch is 5″ x 7″ to keep me looking at the overall composition instead of getting caught up in details. The three sketches on the top row are my final choices for my upcoming exhibition at Bromfield Gallery.


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