Drawing: Changing Approaches

I’m leaving the first drawing alone for a while so that I can gain some objectivity and distance before adding the finishing touches. I started today on the second drawing, with a slightly different approach in terms of where I started the drawing. I’m lighting the figure sculptures with natural light from the window in my studio in order to gain more subtle shifts of tone and form in the drawings. The disadvantage of natural light is that I’m only able to get indirect natural light in my studio in the afternoon after 1pm. My studio time is quite limited over the next few months so I have to be sure to use my time well. Today I only had the morning to work, so I started this second drawing off by knocking in the beginnings of the water reflections as opposed to starting with the figures. I have a compositional sketch that I’m referencing for the figures so I wasn’t totally in the dark starting this way. It was an interesting approach in that I was starting to think about building upwards towards the figures rather than the other way around. Sometimes circumstances have a way of getting you to approach your work from a new perspective which can frequently be refreshing and important to the process.

Studio View

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