Developing Drawings

I sanded the last three sheets of Dura-Lar for the third drawing this afternoon. I was getting concerned that the first two drawings were getting too far ahead of the third drawing.  While the first two drawings are already in the full stages of the crayon drawing, I hadn’t even tarted the sanding of the Dura-Lar for the third drawing.  I’m putting the first two drawings on hold until the layout of the third drawing is finalized on the Dura-Lar. This will give me time away to gain some objectivity and also allow me to catch up on the third drawing.

I’m very conscious of intentionally overlapping the development of these three drawings; since they’ll be displayed together in my upcoming solo exhibition, it’s important that they are able to read together as a group. I’ve found in the past that if each drawing is started beginning to end on its own that maintaining continuity is next to impossible.


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