Drawing: a Learning Curve

I’m very close to completing these three drawings for my solo exhibition at Bromfield Gallery in Boston.  The installation of the show is in two weeks so the timing is good; I have some time to tweak the work and do finishing touches. I finished up the majority of the third drawing, so now it’s a matter of revisiting the other drawings and making subtle changes. Since the drawings are done in layers, they will need to be cleaned  afterwards and then I’ll work on adding clear monofilament wire to faciliate my hanging system for these drawings.

What’s always a curse and a blessing is that every series you work on has its own learning curve.  In other words, this third drawing has resolved some of the issues I had with the earlier drawings and thus looks more accomplished and cohesive.  Sometimes looking at the other drawings can make my skin crawl because they feel so unrefined by comparison-which provides good incentive for me to take another look.

Third Drawing, almost complete


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