A Fourth Drawing

I decided last night that there’s just barely enough time for me to squeeze in a fourth drawing for my solo exhibition which is coming up in just three weeks. This last minute decision is a rare move for me, but at the same time I think I’ve built up enough momentum and continuity for these drawings that it makes sense.

At this point, I’m well versed in my procedure and process for these drawings, so making them is a much more fluid experience than it was at the beginning. Last night I sanded 2 layers of Dura-Lar and pieced together another digital composition; this morning I knocked in the layout of the drawing with tracing paper while I waited for the Dura-Lar to dry. (I have to sponge and dry each Dura-Lar layer after sanding to get rid of the dust) Four weeks ago doing that many steps in such a short amount of time wouldn’t have been possible, but now with practice, the process is familiar and straightforward for me.



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