Science Library at Wellesley College

I’ve been thinking for some time now that I need to back up my project with more in depth and directed research on the psychology of loneliness and isolation. I’ve searched online, but the majority of the articles I’ve found are too brief and don’t develop the ideas far enough. This morning I headed over to the Science Library at Wellesley College to speak to the reference librarian about possible research options. He showed me how to navigate a focused search on my topics in their extensive database.  Searching a database seems like it should be relatively easy and straightforward, but he gave me a lot of useful tricks and methods that I would never have thought of. It was exciting to see how much raw material is just a click away on my computer.

I’m hoping that by reading some psychology journals and books that I’ll be able to generate more specific ideas about how to address this topic.  I have a general idea of what I’m trying to address with themes of isolation and loneliness, but I’ve been feeling lately like I’m lacking the specifics and details which will enrich my understanding even further. I worry about simply skimming the surface with this topic, so it makes sense to take action to increase my awareness and knowledge of the topic.


The Science Center at Wellesley College

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