I had my last day in the studio, ending the day with the drawings complete and ready for installation.  I went through several finishing tasks:  cleaning the drawings, final adjustments on a few drawings, and attaching the monofilament fishing line used to hang the drawings.

I hadn’t planned on re-working the three drawings I completed last August, but there was one drawing in particular, “Unseen III”,  that I always felt was lacking in subtlety.  I spent most of the morning on this drawing softening edges, removing dark passages, and refining gradations of black on the top layer.

Unseen III
“Unseen III”, with revisions

Cleaning the drawings is time consuming, but quite necessary since the drawings  look sloppy otherwise.  Since the drawings are made of several layers of Dura-Lar on top of each other, the crayon naturally wants to adhere in areas where I don’t want it to.  I spent many hours yesterday and today wiping the Dura-Lar with a cotton rag and erasing with a Mars plastic eraser to remove unwanted spots of crayon.

Attaching the monofilmanet fishing line was the most tedious task by far.  The last time I installed these drawings, I didn’t do a very accurate job and the consequence was that it was tough to get the drawings to all hang at exactly the same height. I worked out a better system this time around that will be much more reliable and accurate. 

Final Drawings

One thought on “Completion

  1. beautiful drawings. good luck with exhibiting and maintaining momentum – that’s crucial. go as far as you can with as much energy as you can muster. don’t think of tomorrow and don’t “settle.” forge ahead. avant garde, my dear!

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