Bromfield Gallery Installation

I went to Bromfield Gallery today to drop off my works for my exhibition which opens this week.  I have a total of seven drawings for the exhibition, each of which measures 48″ x 30″. Bromfield Gallery is divided up into three gallery spaces, with my exhibition in the middle gallery.  I was very conscious when planning the drawings for this exhibition to not crowd the gallery space I’m in and to allow the drawings to have enough room to breathe.  A few weeks ago I was concerned about not having enough drawings, but now after seeing the space again, I’m glad that I didn’t try to squeeze in more drawings.

I will note that my experience this year as Gallery Director of the Jewett Art Gallery at Wellesley College has certainly given me new perspective in terms of being on the “other side of the fence”. Previously I was only accustomed to working on exhibitions from the artist’s point of view, and now I’m seeing things in a different way since working from the gallery side.  Bromfield Gallery has a great staff which manages the exhibitions and install, which made things easy from my perspective, making my role in the exhibition very smooth and manageable.


Bromfield Gallery, in the SoWa District of Boston.

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