Bromfield Exhibition Deinstall

On Saturday afternoon I went to deinstall my exhibition at Bromfield Gallery. This was quite possibly the quickest deinstall I’ve ever done before: the drawings I exhibited have no frames, and are on extremely thick and durable Dura-Lar, making it exceptionally easy to simply roll them up for transport.

Unseen & Unknown at Bromfield Gallery

Looking ahead,the academic year is truly in the home stretch.  Both RISD and Wellesley College have just three more weeks to go, which means that the studio practice has to be put aside temporarily so that I can focus on the many end of the semester tasks which are ahead. I may have a few pockets of time where I can do some reading or research,  but I know that at this stage my academic responsibilities will take priority over the next few weeks.

3 thoughts on “Bromfield Exhibition Deinstall

  1. I love the figures on duralar. I am experimenting with duralar now and wonder if you can tell me how you mounted the drawings on the wall. Should I purchase a certain kind of pin?

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