School Preparations

In addition to getting ready for several exhibitions this fall, I’m also working on getting materials ready for the school year.  This year at Wellesley College,  I’ll be teaching Drawing I and Two-Dimensional Design, while also being the Gallery Director of the Jewett Art Gallery. At RISD, I’ll be teaching Freshman Drawing both in the fall and spring semesters which I’ve done for the last few years. Additionally at RISD, I’ll be teaching Artistic Anatomy, an elective in the Illustration Department.  I taught Anatomy for several years in the Drawing Area at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, so it will be exciting to teach the same material, but in a different context.

I’ve found that in teaching, context can be everything. It’s interesting how the material that you teach is fundamentally the same, but the delivery of it depending on the specific context can be at opposite ends of the spectrum.  I’ve always thought about each school as having it’s own “culture”, and as an instructor it’s your responsibility to adapt your presentation of those materials to be most conducive to each school’s context and goals.  Of course, this is a huge generalization because ultimately teaching is about the needs of each individual student, but I think because I’ve always taught simultaneously at two or more schools each semester, I tend to take notice of these overall differences more. On another level, you can teach the exact same course, with the exact same assignments and class exercises at the same school, and still have a vastly different experience each time.


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