“Pulp” & “Drawings that Work:21st BCA Drawing Show”

I had a packed evening last Thursday with two exhibitions opening almost at the same time. I started the afternoon at the opening for “Pulp: Works on Paper by the Studio Art Faculty” at the Jewett Gallery at Wellesley College, where I’m the Gallery Director. The opening was a great way for us to kick off the start of the new school year in the Art Department.

"Pulp" Opening

Immediately afterwards, I drove into Boston to the Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts for “Drawings that Work: 21st BCA Drawing Show“, juried by Andrew Raftery.

Drawings that Work: 21st BCA Drawing Show

I find that to see a show clearly requires a second visit after the opening reception; at openings it’s frequently crowded enough that it’s challenging to actually get a clear view of the work.  This exhibition in particular I think needs another visit, given that the majority of the works in the show were small in scale and quite detailed oriented, needing a much closer look that what I could manage at the reception. What I liked about the exhibition was that it worked to highlight a part of the creative process which is usually never seen in a gallery context. Looking at these preparatory drawings was a opportunity to get rare insight to an artist’s mindset; it’s about as close as you can get to seeing physical evidence of the creative process.

Waiting Composition Studies

I have two sculptures in the exhibition, made from cast resin and wood. These sculptures served as reference materials for ink drawings, prints, and paintings in the Waiting Series.


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