Collecting Future Plans

Since I’m too busy getting my classes up and running to work in the studio right now, I like to take this time to think about future plans for “Wading” by critically considering the work I completed in the past year and where I want it to go. The drawings I completed last year were composed of only three to seven figures in each image; the next series of drawings I work on will focus on gigantic crowds of up to one hundred figures. I’ll also take a major leap in terms of increasing the scale of the drawings, and shift to a tall, vertical format in order to focus on the reflections in the water on an exaggerated scale.

The other visual element that needs to be emphasized more in these drawings is layering.  In looking at the drawings from last year, my main critique in terms of the composition was that the layering of the figures on top of each other was too harmonious and looked too planned out. After spending some time at Walden Pond shooting reference photographs a few weeks ago, it seemed like the overlapping of figures should seem more random and chaotic if they’re truly going to represent the presence of a crowd. At the time, I worked to create compositions that “worked” so that individual figures could be seen with clarity.  Now that I’ve been able to get some distance from these drawings, I’ve taken the opposite view: the idea of some figures overlapping to the degree that some of them are visually lost within the crowd represents even more the idea of feeling unseen in a crowd.

Reference Photograph

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