Installation for “Where Are We?”

I drove down to Providence, RI today to install a four person exhibition, “Where Are We?” at the Chazan Gallery at the Wheeler School. The exhibition features four of us who work with the figure and environment.  The other artists included in the exhibition are oil painter Julie Gearan, Brian O’Malley, and photographer Eric Sung.

"Where Are We?" Installation

Once everyone arrived, we discussed the various needs of each artist and how we could lay the work out accordingly.  There was a good range of works in black & white and color, as well as in terms of scale which helped us match parts of the gallery space to each artist.

"Where Are We?" Installation

I have a hanging system for these drawings that is easy and effective.  I use monofilament wire that is tied to two tiny punctured holes in the drawings that is able to keep the layers of drawings together while also hanging on the wall. Unfortunately, due to the low height of the walls in the gallery, I had to improvise and come up with another solution.  I’ve hung these drawings in several other spaces where the walls were significantly higher. At first I considered binder clips, but three layers of Dura-Lar are fairly heavy in weight and the clips weren’t strong enough to hold up the drawings.  Then I figured that since there were already two punctured holes in the drawings for the monofilament wire, that it wouldn’t hurt to use nails into these two holes to nail the drawings into the wall.  I prefer the monofilament wire system, but in this case it wasn’t possible given the layout of this gallery.

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