Gallery Talk at “Drawings that Work” exhibition

Last night I spoke at a gallery talk for the exhibition “Drawings that Work: 21st BCA Drawing Show” at the Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts. The talk brought together 7 artists who had work in the exhibition: Andrea Evans, Nataliya Bregel, Karen Schiff, Suzanne Schireson, Jeffrey Marshall, and Andrew Fish.  Each of us spoke about our work and process in the exhibition for about 10 minutes and then Jose Luis Blondet, the curator of the Mills Gallery, moderated a dialogue and discussion about the exhibition at the end of the talk.

Gallery Talk at the Mills Gallery

From my perspective, I think this was a unique exhibition for its emphasis on process over product.  One idea that someone mentioned during the discussion was the fact that art frequently has to be “dressed up” to be put on display in gallery.  There was discussion about the negative review in the Boston Globe two weeks ago; some people thought that the art critic seemed to be asking where the “real work” was in the exhibition, suggesting that the exhibition would have been more effective had the final pieces been displayed alongside the process pieces.   I found this exhibition to provide the rare opportunity to gain real insight into the creative thinking and process of an artist’s work.  This is a chance to see the raw visual evidence of one’s thought process, something that is intentionally hidden in completed works.

Gallery Talk at the Mills Gallery

Showing an ink drawing and some intaglio prints that were the results of my sculpture models in the exhibition.  I like the idea of reversing the role of sculpture in my process; frequently sculpture is seen as the end product with two-dimensional works and drawings being used to lead up to the completion of a sculpture. In my case, sculpture becomes the departure point for drawings.

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