Schedule & Planning

I’m taking this morning to completely clear my head in order to make plans for an upcoming exhibition in September 2010.  The new work needs to be completed and on site by the end of July, so I’ve been  looking at my calendar and trying to calculate exactly how much time I have to make the new work.

November: Prepare materials, sketches for sculptures
December: Make sculptures, compositional sketches
January: Preliminary drawings
February-July: Final Drawings

I’ve decided on 3 drawings, each with 3-4 layers depending on what is necessary.  Being conservative, I’ve figured out that I have approximately 12 full studio days per drawing.  This doesn’t sound like much time, but I’ve found that what’s most time intensive in my process is all of the preliminary stages leading up to the execution of the final piece.  The final works themselves are actually much less demanding in terms of time.   Additionally, I’m going to hire studio assistants to help me prepare the Dura-Lar surfaces for this project.  In the past the drawings were small enough that I could sand the surface myself, but at 4′ x 8′ the scale makes that impossible.

On top of this schedule, I need to make a stronger commitment to fully dedicated studio days. Often times I’ll drift into doing my teaching work on a day that really should only be for the studio. At times it’s tempting to “procrastinate” by doing my academic work. (and easy to justify, since it’s still work) This is a new focus that I’m going to work hard to retain.


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